The Arche Story


At the origin... was the "seventies"

Because lately it seems that the 70’s are recycled, parodied and resurrected with a mixture of nostalgia and fatality. You can feel it in fashion, design, music...

At a time that was marked by enthusiasm and protest, Arche created its first products incorporating essential notions from the 70’s, the very foundation of a timeless concept: well-being, serenity and harmony, difference, multiculturalism and color.

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Hispanitas, a dream, a mission.


For those of us who make up the Hispanitas team, our work is about being more than a footwear and accessories brand. Our collections reflect how we understand life. We start out to create a product we love that reflects our own feelings and values. If we achieve this, we feel satisfied by a job well done. Only then can we proudly present each of our collections.

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